In the Shadow of Cave Painters

An extensive drawing series with Conté pastels began to evolve some time before 1990. A sense of form in light captured from the texture of the paper depicted ethereal imagery. About ten years later, a moment of absentminded musing with leather scraps prompted a sculpture series. Studying African tribal masks provided the clues to what shapes could be formed out of hard leather,  At the same time, the inherently primordial nature of the material became fused with functional techniques I invented in earlier years. Sensing a trail,  inquiry into other ancient cultures inevitably led me to revisit photos of the neolithic cave paintings of Lascaux and Altamira. This time I was awestruck by the magical beauty and elegant simplicity those first great artists realized with only the most primitive materials and traditions. The primal nature of their subject matter, the palpably coarse feel of their drawing materials on the rough surfaces inspired a final leap. My original Conté series on paper transformed into large, gritty, pastel drawings on canvas. The primeval, the archetypal and symbolic, the shamanic and sacred, are now the sources as well as the intent of my imagery.

Solo Exhibits

2017 Art on Madison, Lakewood, OH
2012 River House Arts, Toledo, OH
2011 Gallery 56, Memphis, TNN
2010 Flatlanders, Blissfield, MI
2006 The Tom James Gallery, Northville, MI
2005 Turkaly Gallery, Cleveland, OH
2005 Chelsea Gallery, Chelsea,MI
2002 Toledo Museum of Art Westgate Gallery, Toledo, OH
2001 Chelsea Gallery, Chelsea, MI
2001 Pierre Paul Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
1998 Yribar Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

Selected Group Exhibits

2011 Flatlanders, Blissfield, MI
2010 Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH “Art Inspires Art”
2010 River House Arts, Toledo, OH
2008 Paoli House Gallery, Madison, WI
2007 Parkwood Gallery, Toledo, OH
2007 Secor Gallery, Toledo, OH
2004 Turkaly Gallery, Cleveland, OH
2002 TAA Exhibit, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH
2000 Caelum Gallery / Hiroshima, Japan
2000 Pierre Paul Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
1999 Claire Spitler Works of Art, Ann Arbor, MI
1998 Caelum Gallery, New York, N.Y.


1960 – 64 Art Students’ Leaugue, New York, N.Y.